Steve Lynch is a metal sculptor residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Steve’s artistic abilities were apparent at a very young age, but with the development of his talent his focus has become design and metal work as displayed by his sculptures and other works. Steve received a diploma from Turley Forge in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990. Steve has apprenticed with Lee Pavlica, a noted blacksmith in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Steve’s talent is unique in that he is able to create very delicate work with heavy metals. His creativity is incorporated in all phases of his work, from small indoor sculptures to large outdoor sculptures. He has won art awards all through school and always knew art metal work would be his passion. He has studied all phases of metal artistry from ancient times to the present. He especially is drawn to the works of Picasso and Dali. He is influenced by everyday experiences (from mechanical to natural) being able to bring life to inanimate objects. Steve has attended blacksmith conferences all around the country and in the
ABANA (Artist Blacksmith Association of North America) community is well known for his devotion to his art. Steve is an active member of the following associations: Rocky Mountain Smiths and California Blacksmith's Association, as well as, ABANA. Steve’s studio is located in the Art Depot District of downtown Colorado Springs, an area easily accessible to the public.